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I made the Longlist for CBC Canada Writes Short Story Prize!

Hey guys, wow, I’m so excited!  My short story, “Petals”, made the longlist in the CBC Canada Writes Short Story Prize!  Out of 3000 entries, only 35 were chosen, including little old me! You’ll find it listed under my real name, Anne Cobham.

My publisher, Legend Press (UK), thought enough of it to announce it on their website, here:

The shortlist will be announced at the beginning of March, and the winner will be chosen at the end of March.  So, watch this space!  :)

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Can you read these outside? In sunlight?

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Making fiction for children, making books for children, isn’t something you do for money. It’s something you do because what children read and learn and see and take in changes them and forms them, and they make the future. They make the world we’re going to wind up in, the world that will be here when we’re gone.

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Seriously, Tumblr …

I’m fixing to leave Tumblr if I can’t edit my “About Me”.  It’s there in the preferences, but I can’t scroll through to change anything. It’s pissing me off.  Don’t make me go to Wordpress!!


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I need some of this right now. (:

I need some of this right now. (:

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Okay How The Hell do I change the text in my About Me column??  I’ve tried everything.  Is it somewhere in Preferences?  I’ve spent half an hour on this now and I give up. 

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NaNoWriMo, and a plug for a friend (The Beggar’s Opera)

Hey guys, wow, sorry I haven’t written for so long.  It’s crazy how life just eats up time when you’re actually living, as opposed to existing in a corporate cell cubicle.  I do have to say that I don’t miss that life, and I never think of it, not even for a moment. 

So, now that I’m a fulltime writer, what am I up to?  Currently, I’m getting myself psyched up for NaNoWriMo.  Don’t tell anyone, but I already have 1672 words written.  I know, that’s cheating, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to participate for the whole month of November, so I’m simply time-shifting, right?  Right.  Anyway.  I’m trying to take Stephen King’s advice, and not worry too much about what other people think.  I’m also trying to “just write” and not constantly self-edit as I go (a very bad habit for a writer!). Hopefully I’ll end up with at least half a novel!

The other new thing I’m trying, is having the bones of the story written down before I even start.  I’m normally a pantser, or what has been somewhat pretentiously described as “a discovery writer.”  This has worked well for me for short stories, and even novellas (35k words), but I really don’t think it’s the best route to take with a full-length novel - especially a murder mystery (which this one will be).  For example, I need to know exactly what happened - and solve the mystery - before I start writing, otherwise I’ll have plot holes all over the place. 

Now, my friend and soon-to-be-best-selling-author, Peggy Blair, is the best person to ask for advice on the police procedural.  Peggy was on the shortlist for the Debut Dagger last year, and although she didn’t win, she scored an agent and a sweet publishing deal with Penguin.  Her debut novel, The Beggar’s Opera, comes out in February 2012.

My novel is not (I don’t think) a police procedural.  It does star a detective from the RCMP, but I’m not sure it’s going to follow the strict parameters of a p.p.  My stories typically have a kind of supernatural element, a bit of Stephen King if you will, and usually a bit of a spooky twist.  Not sure if this will jive with the p.p. fans.

If I can get this novel not only half written, but logically plotted (plot being, I confess, my greatest weakness as a writer), I’ll be really happy.  if I can get it into the 2012 Debut Dagger, I’ll be even happier.  If I make the shortlist, I’ll be beside myself!!!

Wow.  This started as a Nanowrimo post, and ended as a “Ridiculously Ambitious Goals for 2012” list!!  Just goes to prove what can be accomplished when you only have yourself to encourage … yourself. 

Remember to pre-order The Beggar’s Opera from Penguin!„9780143179979,00.html?strSrchSql=The+Beggar%27s+Opera/THE_BEGGAR%27#39;S_OPERA_Peggy_Blair

Or, you can enter to win a copy at Goodreads:

Why Eat When You Can Write?

When my husband goes away to work, I stop eating.  You see, he works in the Arctic, two weeks on, two weeks off.  When he’s home, I do nothing but cook.  We eat like kings: a full English breakfast, chicken sandwiches for lunch, steak for dinner.  But when he leaves for his two weeks away, that’s it for me.  Why?  Because it all just seems like such a huge waste of time.  I mean, you add up all the hours spent preparing, cooking, eating and cleaning up from meals.  Life revolves around eating, drinking, putting the kettle on, making endless cups of tea; and all those cups have to be washed up. 

I don’t mean to imply that I don’t eat at all.  Of course I eat, but in a very minimal fashion, and I cook as little as I can get away with.  For example, today for breakfast I had two slices of bread and jam.  For lunch I had a piece of (already made) banana bread.  For dinner I had a cold chicken breast leftover from the previous night’s dinner, and a slice of apple pie.  Lovely!  And no cooking involved.  Tomorrow I may have to (grudgingly) cook some sausages, some to eat and some to be cold leftovers for another no-prep, no-cook meal.  And what do I do with all this freed-up time?  I write!  I mean, seriously: why eat when you can write?  Why chop carrots, when you could dash off a few chapters of your latest novel?

So, how many words have I written since freeing myself from the tedium of mealtime?  How many do you think?  Seriously?  Really?  I’ll tell you: none.  Not one single solitary word.  Oh, I’ve done things.  I’ve walked around the garden.  I’ve picked apples.  I’ve googled recipes for apple jelly.  I’ve updated my Facebook page.  I’ve written this blog.  But actual, bona fide writing?  Zilch, my friends, and I’ll tell you why: because this whole not eating thing is an excuse.  Sure, it frees up a lot of my time, but instead of writing, I find I’m frittering the time away on anything but writing.  It’s like Chris Baty, who founded Nanowrimo, says: a writer needs a deadline.  A writer needs to be kicked up the ass in order to actually get anything down on paper.  A writer needs to be forced into a state of panic before he’ll get down to the task at hand.  Let him think he’s got all the time in the world, and he’ll never begin; but tell him he has to have his novel finished by next Monday lunchtime, and he’ll start typing like a mental case.

So, instead of skipping proper nutrition, I should really be taking the time to eat properly, and then sit down to write my bestseller.  If only someone would give me a deadline!

You know what?  I’m hungry.

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shes so pretttty

Oh Miley. (:


shes so pretttty

Oh Miley. (:

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Must be following: otherwise you won’t get any.


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